Pennsylvania has a public pension problem and I support efforts to solve it in a way that protects Commonwealth taxpayers.

The Problem

Pennsylvania has two public pension systems:

  One for teachers and other school workers (Public School Employees’ Retirement System, or PSERS).  
 • Another for state employees (State Employees’ Retirement System, or SERS).  
The benefits promised to current workers and retirees in these systems far outweigh the money available in the two pension plans.

The Constitutional Issue

The courts have ruled in the past that retirement benefits that have already been earned by teachers, school workers and state employees cannot be cut by the state.

Any changes to the pension system would have to apply to future benefits for workers in the two plans.

The Solution

I’m committed to working with my colleagues in the House and Senate to solve Pennsylvania’s public pension problem.

That will involve reforming the two systems for future workers while honoring promises already made to existing workers and retirees.

If the governor works with legislators in the state Capitol, we can adopt a plan that protects Pennsylvania taxpayers while solving the public pension problem.